EMUREF do Brasil : refractory coatings for the steel industry aiming to skulls sticking reduction and easy removal on various equipments at the steelshop such as steel-hot metal ladles, converters, covers, torpedo cars, O2 lances,…(EMU360-HT)  , reducing the formation of scales during reheating and before hot rolling for long and flat steels (DESCALIZER), reducing the decarburation depth during reheating and before hot rolling for long and flat steels (STOPOXY),

SYNTHETIS Metals : full logistics solution (FLUXX) aiming optimization slabs and coils yards, …with a special focus on production and all the aspects linked to productivity increase

JOHN COCKERILL Industry (Former CMI) : JOHN COCKERILL group of companies designs, installs, upgrades and services equipment for energy, defense, steelmaking, the environment and other industries in general.

Processing lines (Colr rolling mill, galvanization, coating,..), pickling line, ARP, heat treatment and reheating furnaces (slabs),…


PEPITe : offers through its technologies DATAmaestro e OPTImaestro  innovative and proven solutions for an easy approach for analytics, Artificial l’Intelligence and Machine Learning

DE LEUZE : a family business since 1909, servicing steelmaiking industry worlwide with its overpicking inhibitors, rinsing and rust protection additive. Chrome FREE passivator


SOUDOBEAM : nozzles (“tips”)  for LD converter blowing lances, welded, copper alloys aiming optimization of the process through FeO reduction in slags, oxygen flow optimization leading to less consumption and a longer working life for refractories

ADI Industrial Services (ADI-IS): Since 1994, through endoscopy tecnique, audit for refactory lining status of various furnaces or reactors such as, hot blast air circuit at BF, glass furnace, smelting furnaces (non ferrous), incinerator and boilers, …

TEBULO N.A.: the North American sister company of Dutch engineering firm TEBULO, since 1974, Tebulo brings all the benefits of robotic systems to industrial applications, in steelmaking, Aluminium, Forrestry, and doing it throughout North -Latin and South Americas

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